Valentine's Day is fast approaching, acting as a welcome reprieve to the English winter and with it comes the million dollar question... how to show your special someone how much they mean to you. Do you stick to the usual flowers and chocolates or are you after something a little more original this year?

If like us, you're not quite the roses and chocolates type, we've put together a round up of a few alternative Valentine's gifts for your loved one! From food to clay modelling, here are just a few different ways to say I love you... 

Restaurant Meal Kit

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After the lock down meal-kit boom, lots of high end restaurants are offering the opportunity for an intimate home cooked meal of restaurant quality. Dishoom, Burger and Beyond and Iberica all have wonderful selections, perfect for cooking with your Valentine or for pulling off as your own culinary prowess. 

Hearts of Cheese

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Instead of the cliched heart shaped box of chocolates, why not go down a more savoury route this year? This tasty wheel of cheese comes in the shape of a heart to show someone just how much you adore them - cheesy but in the literal sense. 

Hoya Plant

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Replace the usual bouquet of flowers and mix things up with this sweet Hoya Kerrii plant. Not only is it in the shape of a heart but it's built to last and easy to look after, a perfect plant to remind your partner you care all year round. 

LucyLovesThis Alphabet Prints

Our alphabet collection is a lovely alternative to the cupid orientated pieces that flood the shelves in February. Choose a couple of initials to represent you and your loved one or even spell out a whole word to line your walls with something truly personal. And if you needed more of a reason, for this week only we're offering buy-one-get-one-free on all of our alphabet prints! 

Tickets to an Exhibition

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Experiences are a wonderful alternative to the usual Valentine's Day gifts and there are so many exhibitions in London at the moment you can really take your pick for an experience you won't forget. From the Amy Winehouse collection to the Van Gogh immersive experience or even something darker like the Frances Bacon retrospective there's an exhibition even for the bluest of Valentine's. 

Anatomical Heart Cushion

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If you're struggling to find a gift for someone that isn't into the overly gushy side of Valentine's Day, this is exactly what you're after. Bright, fun and beautifully embroidered, this anatomical heart design says 'I love you' in a playful but secretly affectionate way.

Sculpd Pottery Kit

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These candle making kits mean you can create both a individual shape and scent for your Valentine - just another way to combine an experience and gift into one. If candles aren't your thing, Sculpd have a variety of kits for some creative time together – 'Ghost' but without the mess of sopping wet clay and a pottery wheel. 

Coordinate Bracelet

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Although jewellery is a Valentine's Day staple, these sweet charms offer something a little different to the usual engravings. Personalised with coordinates of your choice, perhaps where you first met, where you got married or your favourite memory, these bracelets are utterly unique.

Galentine’s Day

This time of year isn’t always about partners but also for celebrating the friendships that are there for you all year round. Our LucyLovesThis Cocktail Prints make a delightful accompaniment to any Galentine's Day brunch. We've even got 10% off these colourful pieces with the code COCKTAIL10 at checkout. 

Do you love Valentine's Day or do you go for something less traditional? We'd love to see how you're celebrating with loved ones and friends this year! If you've chosen one our prints as a gift this year, tag us in your Valentine's Day posts using #lucylovesthis

February 04, 2022 — Martha Jennings

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