Framing - our hints and tips!

We believe all our prints deserve the best when it comes to frames and display. With this in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you do just this; the frames we use, sourcing your own frames and the easiest ways to guarantee a great display.   

We offer a full professional framing service for all our A4 and A3 prints. The frames we use are made from solid wood and use high quality acrylic glazing that is indistinguishable from glass, making for a much lighter and safer frame.

You can chose a framed print on all our print pages, or you can order one separately via our Homeware page and come in both black and white. The LLT frames are made to fit a standard A3 paper size (33cm x 45cm) and every frame includes an A4 aperture mount as we love how that shows off our prints. The full measurements for our standard frames are: 

  • Outside frame: 45x33cm
  • Inside frame: 41x28cm
  • Inside mount: 28.5x19.5cm

You can of course, source your own frame. We recommend mounting all our prints for optimal display. However, any frame that fits a 21cm x 29.7cm (A4) print will happily house our signature pieces. Have a look at the list below for frame suppliers with our stamp of approval. 

For our A2 pieces you’ll need to locate a frame that fits the standard 54.9x42cm A2 paper size. 

Frames we love…

  • John Lewis: It’s hard to go wrong with John Lewis’ range of glass frames that come in a good variety of shapes and sizes.   
  • Casa Chic: UK based company offering simple and chic, independently sourced, hardwood frames. 
  • Abstract House: Independent UK design studio that offers a solid range of frames all made in the UK, an ideal place to purchase a frame for larger prints. 
  • Dunelm Mill: If you are looking for something functional and low-budget friendly, Dunelm Mill has a good selection of frames.
  • Ikea: Ikea’s reputation precedes itself, the frames do exactly what they say on the tin. 

We understand that framing itself can be slightly intimidating. Over the years we have honed the skill of home-framing, so if you are looking to frame yourself, please do follow our tips and tricks to ensure that your print makes it safely into the frame. 

  • Use a kitchen knife (normal cutlery/butter knife) to lever up the black tabs at the back of the frame;
  • Put masking tape (or similar) at the top and bottom of the print, sticky side facing up; 
  • Hold the mount over the print so you can see it's aligned and then drop the mount onto the tape - you should end up with a lovely mounted print but you can always wiggle the tape if that's not the case; 
  • Firm up the tape;
  • Put the mount back in the frame and use the knife to push down the tabs.

If you have any more frame-related queries don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at hello@lucylovesthis.co.uk where we’ll be happy to answer your questions! 

January 16, 2021 by Martha Jennings

How we're running the business during the covid-19 lockdown

We have stayed operational throughout the pandemic and are so grateful to everyone who has bought one of our prints, liked our posts on Instagram or downloaded one of our colouring posters. We love the love for small businesses right now! 

So what are we doing to keep safe? 

Firstly, Lucy and Martha who run the business on a day to day basis, and our wonderful support team who manage our enquiries are all working from home. They’re working around family commitments but between them are able to get back to enquiries, send out personalised prints, design a few new prints and keep the Instagram feed alive.

Our amazing dispatch team, a family run firm based in Essex, are continuing to pack up and dispatch all our orders. They’ve put in place a range of measures to ensure both their safety and the safety of our customers. They’re social distancing in the warehouse, having frequent hygiene breaks, leaving deliveries for 48 hours before unpacking and disinfecting all work stations at least once a day.

All this means that we’re able to continue dispatching your fabulous orders, for which we’re very grateful.

But all this does mean sometimes things are a little delayed. This may be a problem our end, enquiries are responded to a little later because of other work or family commitments, or it may be a problem with a very busy Royal Mail or a supplier being shut. Whatever the hiccup, we’re working through them and thank you for your patience. Most importantly we thank you, for continuing to ‘shop small’ at this time and support our independent business.

If there’s anything else you think we could be doing, then please do let us know via our ‘Contact Us’ page.  

May 07, 2020 by Lucy Stephens

Top Tips for Wedding Season

Who better than to give us some top tips for surviving the wedding season, than friend of LucyLovesThis, Amelia who last summer clocked up six weddings in seven weekends! Here's her survival guide...
July 04, 2019 by Lucy Stephens

Top Tips for Graduation

You’ve sweated over your dissertation and your final exams, so graduation should be a breeze in comparison. Here are our top tips for a great day.....

REMEMBER REMEMBER: The friends you’ve made and the experiences you’ve had at university have undoubtedly changed your life. At the moment you remember every tiny detail, but over the next few years new stories will inevitably take over. Find a way to take some of your favourite memories with you. Maybe ask your friends to sign something, write a message for you somewhere or pose for photos in some of your favourite places. If you want to take your Uni memories with you wherever you go have a look at the LucyLovesThis print of your town. Dozens of Lucy’s prints can even be personalised to add the road name of your student home.

June 13, 2019 by Lucy Stephens

It's black and white

Spring has sprung and with it come the new interiors trends. While some (llama print wallpaper) we’re not so keen on, there’s a clean and simple look that’s been catching our eye. The monochrome home has popped up in a few collections. Paired with some tropical greenery (long live the greenery trend of 2018!) this graphical look puts the emphasis on great shape, design and pattern. Check out some of our favourite purveyors of the monochrome look below.

Sass and Belle: The monochrome look is all about the accessories and Sass and Belle have a great selection. This Black and Geo Isla Planter picks up the monochrome theme and gives you a handy place to hang the aforementioned tropical greenery that will complete your look.

Sass and Belle Planter

@oldsaltfarmKierste Wade lives in a farmhouse in upstate New York and is keeping her monochrome gentle and natural. Her insta feed is a great place for inspiration for those who aren’t quite ready to plumb the darkest depths of black décor. Black and white ginghams, slate and blackboard accessories keep her look light, airy and add a nice twist to a traditional country look.

Old Salt Farm

Ikea: Those Swedish design geniuses have plenty of monochrome looks for you, particularly in their tablewear department. However, our absolute favourite item is their black and white Stockholm rug which adds a splash of graphic class to your room without overwhelming it.

Ikea Rug

Love Frankie: If you think monochrome is all straight lines and stripes think again. The ever-playful Love Frankie sell this great selection of palm tree serving plates which add some fun to the world of black and white.

Love Frankie

@the.kate.edit on the other end of the spectrum from @oldsaltfarm is interior blogger Kate Learmonth. Her house is SERIOUSLY monochrome. Dramatic blacks are paired with animal hides and plenty of gold to amazing effect. The full-on luxury looks might not be for everyone, but there are some great ideas for how to mix patterns on her Instagram.

kate edit interior

If you’ve caught the black and white bug, take a look at our frames, they come with a smooth matt finish, perfect for highlighting your favourite artworks (and your LucyLovesThis prints of course).

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