It should come as no surprise that I love artists and prints! One of the first things I did when I moved into my house last year is put up my gallery wall, I love that my prints make it feel like home. So this month I’m sharing five of my favourite artists.
I have the print I’m holding in this picture up in my office, I love his intricate papercuts often paired with important messages for life!
Rob Ryan poster small businesses
My love of Kitty McCall has also spread to Martha who I run the business with and we both have her tulip vase print up in our houses. Kitty’s use of colour is just so joyful.
gallery wall suffolk print
Another artist that Martha and I enjoy equally. Like me Jo’s prints are largely monochrome, but unlike me, always feature rabbits! Rabbits in the bath, gardening, skiing…go check them out, they’re lots of fun.  
gallery wall Ham rabbits Dublin print
From Rabbits to dogs. Want a bespoke dog portrait? Then Ros is your woman. All her prints are incredibly beautifully drawn, and it’s not all dogs – check out her ice cream prints, just delicious!
dog posters Ros Shiers
You may have guessed by now that I love animals on prints…maybe because I don’t get to draw as many animals as I’d like!  Mister Peebles is another favourite of mine, lovely greetings cards and her David Meowie is a classic!
David Meowie cat poster Mister Peebles
September 08, 2023 — Lucy Stephens

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