While we’re all trying to do our bit for the environment throughout the year, sometimes it’s easy to overlook these goals during the busyness of the festive season. However, there are lots of ways to incorporate no plastic and sustainable practices into your Christmas Day.

We’ve put together a few ideas, tips and tricks to help you pinpoint a few ways you can make your festive day more sustainable!

Wrapping Paper

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Perhaps you stash away your wrapping paper throughout the year to be used again at Christmas. If unlike me, you do not hoard old wrapping materials, then there are also loads of great places to buy brand new recycled and recyclable plastic free wrapping paper. Including ecovibe and WHSmith. If you’re also looking to really cut down on the plastic, take a look at @effectivespaces who shows you how to wrap presents beautifully without the need for tape at all!


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Nancy and Betty create eco-friendly crackers who, like we do at LucyLovesThis, plant a tree for every box sold! They contain plastic-free gifts and the whole cracker is completely recyclable. Not only are they more environmentally friendly than the standard supermarket crackers, they'll also look fabulous on your Christmas table. 

Christmas Decorations

Image via Instagram @eastendpress

Decorations no longer have to be limited to plastic baubles and tinsel. East End Press make the most beautiful paper decorations out of recycled and sustainable materials. Papier-mache baubles and intricately detailed paper stars could adorn your tree and house this year. They're so lovely I wouldn't be surprised if some become a permanent fixture. 


Image via Instagram @oddboxldn

Over the years, there’s been an increase in the use of ‘rescued’ veg in home kitchens, including the subscription based service Oddbox. So, this Christmas, why don’t you give those wonky carrots and knobbly sprouts a home in your kitchen. You'd be both helping the environment by reducing food waste as well as farmers who would otherwise lose out when supermarkets turn away their perfectly good fruit and veg.


Image via Instagram @christmas_on_the_hill

Many more people have started opting for plastic Christmas trees in a bid to reduce the cutting down of trees. However, there’s now a growing trend in re-plantable Christmas trees! You’re able to rent a tree for the festive period and return it to the forest so it can continue to grow and nourish the earth throughout the rest of the year. Christmas on the Hill is a wonderful place to start if you’re based in and around London, however, there are places all over the UK offering trees like this so do have a look if you’d love to have the same family tree year after year. 

How are you working toward a more sustainable Christmas? We'd love to know how we could create a plastic-free day, so let us know on Instagram! Use the hashtag #lucylovesthisathome or tag us at @lucylovesthis to show us your tips and tricks this year. 

December 22, 2021 — Martha Jennings

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