As many are, we're deeply saddened by the conflicts throughout the world. It can be hard to know how to best lend your own hand during times like this, so we've put together a few ideas, which we've gathered from other blogs and Instagram posts we've read, that we think could be beneficial for those currently struggling in Ukraine.

Donate money
Here are just a few places that can help the people in Ukraine at the moment, there are lots and lots of other wonderful charities that are helping so please do feel free to delve into your own resources if you don’t feel aligned with any of these charities.

Donate clothes and other essentials

As the conflict continues, clothes and essentials are necessary to keep those in Ukraine sheltered and warm. So, if you’re looking for a practical way to lend a hand and have just put away some of your winter clothes consider taking them to one of the many drop off points across the UK that will deliver them directly to Ukraine. Many of them are also taking other items, such as sleeping bags, flasks, long-lasting cupboard supplies, toys and sanitary products. For a list of drop off points, check here.

Write to your MP

Writing to your local MP is a good way to use your voice, you can request safe passage for Ukrainian refugees or request that a different course of action be taken with the handling of the crisis. This template is a useful tool that you can either send off as is or personalise with your own thoughts and feelings. It includes the contact details for your MP so you can get in touch easily and effectively. 

Host a stay in crisis via Airbnb

Airbnb is currently funding safe spaces to stay for those fleeing Ukraine – if you have a space available or that is usually used for Airbnb this is a truly great way to immediately provide safety. Alternatively, you can also donate to the fund to help cover the cost of somebody’s short term housing while keeping the stay completely free for those that need it.

Support the local journalists in Ukraine

The media in Ukraine are facing tough challenges, with the freedom of press under attack, lots of publications are looking to protect themselves through cyber security as well as relocate their offices. The Fix is a great resource where you can read about the troubles the media are facing and also contribute directly to the publication of your choice.


We've also created this P for Peace poster, to promote what we hope to see in the world. We're hoping that you can use this colouring poster for a moment of calm, just as we are, amongst some of the turbulence going on at the moment.

We're asking those that resonate with the idea to donate whatever you can to Unicef's fund for children in Ukraine via the donation box at checkout.  

We know that people all over the world are deeply touched by the crisis so if you have any other great ways to help those in need, please do let us know.

April 08, 2022 — Martha Jennings

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