As we grow, we have to find more ways to look after our planet – after all, it’s the only one we have! 

Locations all over the world are the heart of the company and to this end, we’re trying to do our bit to make sure all of these lovely places are still around in the years to come.

This starts with our prints. All the paper and card we use for our prints, notebooks and cards are FSC certified, meaning that they are recycled or come from responsibly managed forests. In fact, our prints are sourced from completely sustainable forests, use recycled fibre, conserve water, and harness wind power for their mills’ electrical energy.

We’re also working to keep our carbon footprint down, which means sourcing manufacturers from the UK. All of our frames, coasters and mugs are manufactured in the UK, so you can rest assured that the products you buy are from places that we have taken thought and consideration in choosing.

We’ve made it our mission to reduce the amount of packaging we send out - and any that we do is sustainably sourced. We have tried to eliminate as much plastic as possible from all our packaging and products. Our prints and cards come in biodegradable cellophane and our frames come wrapped in recycled cardboard.

Although our packaging may not be as ‘extravagant’ as others, by removing any excess, we are also removing excess waste in the planet. This is why our bags, notebooks and coasters come loose in a recycled envelope – to reduce the need for extra plastic.

We’re aiming to make our entire process green, from end to end, including when the prints are hanging in your home! So for every order placed, we also plant a tree in our little forest in Madagascar. Click here if you want to take a look at our trees in the wild. 

So not only are our prints environmentally sourced, you know that when you choose LucyLovesThis for your home, as a gift or just because, it means you know that you’re also contributing to the reforesting of the world.  We already have over 5,000 trees growing!

We’re always working on ways to improve sustainability which is why it’s our goal to offset all of our carbon emissions by 2025.

If you have thoughts and ideas on our green mission do get in touch at

April 22, 2022 — Martha Jennings

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