Inspired by the colder weather, we thought we'd put together some tips for creating cosy spaces this autumn...

As we start to spend more time inside, why not surround yourself with little luxuries and breathe some new life into your rooms by treating yourself to a brand new print.

Mix and match tufted pillows and faux fur throws to add depth, creating inviting rooms as we start to spend more time inside.

Introduce forest green and dark pumpkin soft furnishings to mirror the changing seasons. 

House plants can still thrive in the colder months and keep rooms fresh. If you lack a green finger, try dried foliage and flowers as an alternative.

Energy-saving light bulbs give off a warmer glow, perfect for nights you just want to settle in, and, are kinder on the pocket.

People aren't the only ones layering up as the cold sets in, try layering shelves for depth and to fit more of what you love around you.

From plush pillows to bountiful shelves and comfy blankets, there's heaps of inspiration to be found in our community's cosy spaces!


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October 06, 2022 — Martha Jennings

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