Everyone loves a gallery wall! It’s a great way to refresh any room in your home as well as surrounding yourself with pieces that are special to you.

Each of our collections; Location Letters, Alphabet, Cocktails and Maps are made with our wonderful customers in mind, so you can find something special and personal to feature on their own gallery walls.

Here are our three keys steps to creating a wall that is both personal but also fabulously put together... 


Choose Your Style

Are you more of an organised chaos type of person? Or do you prefer clean symmetry for your home? However you prefer to style your home, your gallery wall aesthetic really depends on the size of the space you have to utilise.

If you have a smaller amount of space, then symmetry works really well. Horizontal and vertically placed pieces create a lot of depth and character without the need for huge amounts of wall space. If you’re going for the symmetrical aesthetic it definitely bodes well to feature artworks that are all similar in style and colour.

For rented homes or smaller walls, you could even put in a gallery shelf, using different sizes and shapes of work to create a textured space. One shelf is much less hassle and means you can swap and rearrange your pieces as and when you feel like a change.

If you’re working with a large wall, then you could really utilise the space. Mix and match the style and colour of your pieces to create an entire curated wall that represents you.

Whichever way you decide to go, make sure to echo your furnishings and décor to create a sense of artistic continuity throughout the house.


Choose Your Frames

For a minimal look, try to match your frames, this will create a clean and serene look for the wall. Drawing attention to your carefully curated pieces rather than the space that they’re in.

If you’re going for a large gallery wall, then it’s a great opportunity to curate a wonderful collection of mismatched frames. With this style, mixing vintage finds with modern silhouettes create a wonderfully bold aesthetic - think Grayson Perry’s Summer exhibition at the RA.

We now have a larger range of frames to choose from so you can choose from black or white solid wood frames in A4 and A3 size. They are sleek, stylish and lightweight so perfect for a gallery wall.


Preparation and Assembly

Clear a big space on the floor or large surface so that you can lay out your potential frames and pieces.

By creating a plan before you start, you’ll be able to see how your prints work together before committing to one layout. Have a go at playing with different placements and combinations before you settle on the final layout. 

If you are using nails, good preparation will also minimise holes in the wall and any damage that could occur from any misplaced hammer decisions. Mark out where your pieces are going before you hang them up as you don’t want to get halfway and realise you’ve misinterpreted the space available. If you’re looking for an alternative to nails, try using command strips. 

A spirit level is your absolute best friend when it comes to assembling your gallery wall. This will help ensure any nails, frames and command strips are straight, creating a truly professional-looking gallery wall in your home.


We absolutely love seeing our prints on your gallery walls so please do share them with us. Tag us on Instagram @lucylovesthis or use #lucylovesthis so we can see the wonderfully creative ways you’ve displayed your prints!

July 30, 2021 — Martha Jennings

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