Last week marked the grand return of our favourite fair, Spirit of Christmas! We absolutely loved being back in the real world and meeting our customers face to face.

Although the past couple of years have been a strange one, it was great to get back into it and it was amazing how quickly it felt like nothing had changed. One of the great things about being at Spirit is getting to hear all the wonderful stories behind your chosen locations and how your collections have grown over the years.

Learning how much your chosen places mean to you was worth the early mornings and long, coffee-fuelled, days. Whether it’s where you grew up, bought your first home, got married or where you spent your first post-lockdown holiday, we love that you choose our Location Letters to celebrate your special places.

For those of you that weren’t able to make it to Kensington this year, we’re also running our Spirit ‘4 for 3’ deal online so everyone can adorn their gallery walls with our many new locations. Use the code 4FOR3 to get your fourth print free!

As well as our own stand, we’ve been lucky enough to wander around the goliath that is Olympia and pick out a few of our favourite things this year. Here are just a few of the honourable mentions that are worth keeping in mind now that Christmas is fast approaching:           


The artificial flowers from Aufora are just stunning – we couldn’t believe that they weren’t real. If like me, you are severely lacking in green fingers, these are an amazing way to create a bespoke floral arrangement that lasts forever.

Hogben Pottery 

These sweet cottage-core pottery pieces are all handmade, making each mug, jug and vase unique. The range is both adorable and features mugs large enough to house a proper cup of tea, something we take very seriously at LucyLovesThis. An ideal present for a stylish mother-in-law or try an espresso mug stocking-filler for a difficult to please sibling. 

The Beeswax Wrap Co.

We’re always trying to find new ways to incorporate sustainability into our lives and beeswax wraps are another nifty way to reduce single-use plastic! Replace pesky cling film with these wraps to store leftovers as one step towards a more environmentally friendly Christmas.

Love Cocoa

This is a tried and tested LucyLovesThis favourite – highly recommend their salted caramel liquid truffles as an indulgent and delicious stocking filler for someone you really want to treat this Christmas.

Vintage Playing Cards

These are a wonderfully unique way to feature the retro aesthetic in your home! They have a vintage snoopy for every occasion, each of them come in a stylish black box frame to accentuate the vibrant colours of the cards. If you're looking to buy an extra thoughtful gift, consider having a personalised sign made up of their vintage alphabet cards. 

Did you discover anything new at Spirit of Christmas this year? We're always looking for new and exciting small brands to support this time of year so please do share your favourites from the fair! Tag us at @lucylovesthis on Instagram with your steals from last week. 

November 11, 2021 — Martha Jennings

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