Italian Food and Drink Map Tea Towel


Research Italian food and drink says Lucy, hours later Martha has a mouth-watering list of food and drink to include in our new Italian Food Map design and has booked a trip to Tuscany! The lure of pizza, pasta, prosciutto and arancini all washed down with a glass of Montepulciano was too much to resist.

This would be a great gift for any foodie friends or aspiring chefs. It would also make the perfect present for any expat friends, to remind them of all the local delicacies they're missing out on!


100% cotton tea towel, with a weave that makes it super absorbent. The design is screenprinted onto it using high-quality water-based inks that contain no solvents at all. Screenprinting is a craft and, as such, prints do vary, so each tea towel is unique. This is part of the beauty of screenprinting.


Your tea towel is mailed in a padded envelope.